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“Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” Jim Rohn

If your desire is to become a full time professional trader or investor, trading your own money or others, we invite you to join our Professional Trader Program.

This program is the equivalent in getting a bachelors degree in trading. We have 100’s of hours in course work, required exams, live trade examples, weekly webinars, handouts and most importantly, personal coaching. 

Both Bob Iaccino and Mike Arnold trade professionally with both their own and other people’s money. They know the challenges that professional traders deal with every day, and what skills you need to get there. 

If your desire is to replace your income with trading, you have found a home!


We teach you how to trade other people’s money, so that you can trade your own.

The number #1 reason why traders fail is they take on too much risk per trade because their account size is too small.

A safe rule of thumb for new active traders; you should never risk more than 1-2% of your trading account on any one trade and never more than 8% on all of your positions at any one time.

Obviously, the less risk you take, the smoother your results will be.

  • Lets say your goal is to earn $100,000 per year.
  • And you are comfortable risking the higher amount of the range of 5%.
  • And our trading win rate is 65%, Pretty good!
  • You have a minimum reward to risk ratio on every trade of 1.5:1 (We will each you how)
  • What size trading account do you need?

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Trading Account Size:

So if we use a benchmark of 1.5: 1 winners-vs-losers and a 1% risk, for every $1 you risk, your potential profit is $1.50.

So to trade for a living, make $100,000 per year, (that is our benchmark) and you return a phenomenal 40%  annual return (more than Warren Buffet) and not get blown up, drum roll please… your trading account should be at least $250,000.

Yes, there are many professional traders that make 10X that return, but they have been doing this for years!

No wonder this is such a hard profession to break into! 

Even if you have that in your portfolio, we highly recommend trading for others and then trade your own money for a living. 

As unbelievable as it sounds, there are trading firms on the lookout for talent, no matter your educational or professional background. Most people think that they need an Ivy league education or live in NY or Chicago to trade for a living. Not any more. There are a few progressive firms that will pay you handsomely to make them money, and the risk is on them! 


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“I’ve been trading with Bob Iaccino for over 3 years now. I truly believe he has created the trader I am today and I would not be profitable without him. In his approach he does not only teach a solid strategy, but teaches much needed psychology and disciplines in a real world way, not an academic way”- Rae Couch

We have 2 payment options: 4 monthly payments of $400.00 or one payment of $1,200.00.

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Our guarantee:  If you are not completely happy by the end of your course, we will refund 100%, no questions asked!

How is that for a no risk gurantee?